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Immortalised to Death

Immortalised to Death, the first book in The Dunston Burnett Trilogy will be published by Level Best Books in September 2023.


Dunston, a non-conventional amateur detective, has to solve The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Charles Dickens’s unfinished story of murder, if he is to unravel a broader mystery ensnaring the legendary author.


The adventures of Dunston Burnett continue in Fatally Inferior, a tale of revenge set amidst the furor caused by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.


In the final story, The Séance of Murder, an oddly-motivated séance held in a Cambridge country house foreshadows a stabbing.


See The Dunston Burnettt Trilogy page for more about Dunston and his investigations.


Publisher: Level Best Books

Publicist: Corrine Pritchett (Books Forward)

Agent: Jeff Schmidt (NY Creative Management


Praise for Immortalised to Death
“Fans of Dickens, as well as readers who gravitate towards classic mysteries steeped in Victorian fog will greatly enjoy this read.”
-Booklife Reviews
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