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Lyn was born in Cardiff, South Wales. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Wales, his master’s at the London School of Economics and his doctorate at Cambridge University. Lyn is now an American citizen living in Virginia.


From Development Specialist…

During a twenty-five year career at the World Bank, Lyn Squire published over thirty articles and several books within his area of expertise. Illustrative titles are: International Development: Is It Possible? (joint with Nobel Laureate J.E. Stiglitz, Foreign Policy), and Fighting Poverty (American Economic Review). He was also lead author for World Development Report, 1990, which introduced the metric – a dollar a day – still used today to measure poverty worldwide.


Lyn also served as editor of the Middle East Development Journal for over a decade, and was the founding president of the Global Development Network, an organization dedicated to supporting promising scholars from the developing world.


"What's the best-read and most widely discussed economic policy document in the world?...It's the World Development Report. The 1990 edition presents an analysis of global poverty and what can be done about it that is the equivalent of a laydown hand at bridge." Boston Globe, October, 1990


…To Mystery Writer

Lyn has always been an avid reader of whodunits and has reviewed scores of mysteries for the City Book Review (Sacramento, CA), but it was the thrill of solving Charles Dickens’s unfinished ‘Mystery of Edwin Drood’ that convinced him to put aside his development pen and turn to fiction. Finding a solution to the mystery has attracted massive interest since the author’s death in 1870. A 1998 bibliography lists over 2,000 entries, with continuations ranging from the obvious (a Sherlock Holmes pastiche) to the absurd (The Mysterious Mystery of Rude Dedwin???). Lyn’s version of what happened to Edwin is revealed in his first novel, Immortalised to Death. The adventures of his protagonist, Dunston Burnett, a non-conventional amateur detective, continue in Fatally Inferior and The Séance of Murder, the second and thirdstories in The Dunston Burnett Trilogy.

Lyn’s wife once remarked that his books on development were among the most boring she’d ever read. He’s hoping his mysteries fare a little better.

Charles John Huffam Dickens; Died June 9, 1870

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